Trail market

Yesterday was the first market I have ever entered. I have to say I had such a great time. Karen and I had a blast chatting and visiting with all of our friends that came down and supported us. We had a great spot with lots of shade and a nice cool breeze from the river. I should have taken more pictures. I will next time for sure!
The biggest sellers were the post it holders and the note traps. So guess what I am making the next two weeks! We will see what else I come up with for the next one. I look forward to the next one. So much fun.
But I have to say a big thank you to Spenny for the help. He came and picked me up with all my stuff, went and got Karens things and then helped unload and set up. THANK YOU Spencer!





Something new

Tried something new today. I have been looking at mixed media art for a while and I decided to attempt it. Browsing Pinterest, there are many mixed media artists that use many elements to bring their art work to life.
For this piece I used a dollar store canvas and leftovers from other projects. I wanted this to be a project that i could learn from, how the materials work together and react to the gesso. When you gesso over a blue flower for example it takes on a purple hue, the butterflies were a coloured wood so the colour bled when the gesso was applied over top. The doilies, when modge podged on the canvas,were delicate so you have to be careful they don’t tear.
For my next attempt I will gather the pieces and use them specific for the design.


Trail Market

Yesterday my friend Karen came by so we can look at the calendar and plan for the Trail Market on the Esplanade. We have decided to enter for July 19th, August 2, 16th and 30th.
Now the panic starts. Have I made enough, is there enough variety, will people like it?
Last night and today I got busy and finished my flyers and my business cards. Then I started on some new birdhouses.
Every time I make new ones I add them to my favourites and I want to keep them all! I completed four today and have three more still to decorate, here is a sneak preview of a few that will be for sale next week. Wow next week! And the panic sets in again!
Hope to see you there. We will on the river side on the grass. Please come by and say hi!





Ok so I have decided to update my blog name to match my other creative name. Just wanted to pass it along!
As I am known as Crazytraylor Creations, I felt my blog should be titled the same way, along with my blog address, Pinterest, Facebook, you know all those social media sites.
New name, but sorry same old me lol.

Craft Fair

So once again it has been a little while since I posted, but I wanted to let you know what I have been up to.
I am getting ready to go in a craft show here in Trail. It isn’t really a craft show, more of a market. Trail started this last year and a fried asked me to join her so. I am thrilled with the idea!

So I have been busy card making, decoupaging, painting. Just having fun.
Anyway I made a sign, got a table and decided to try a set up to see how it would look. Some have seen the picture but I thought I would share it for those who haven’t

We plan to enter this month, in about 2 weeks, once the heat isn’t insane! I will update my post once it has taken placed and show you how the booth turned out. Excited to give it a try.
Last night my friend, Karen, asked me to make a gift for a friend she is going to see next week so I was busy today working on it. Pretty happy with how it turned out. I am almost a pro at these now, only take about 2 hours now start to finish including rolling the flowers and drying time.

20130703-210320.jpgI added some feathers to this one. I love the colors.

Scrapbook room

I wanted to share with you my finished scrapbook room. Mom was up last week and she hung my curtains- which I love! I painted my table top in chalkboard paint, I keep a cloth over it when i am doing any messy work, but it handy when making cards or pages and you have to write anything down.
I wanted to show you a few of my special organizers, many ideas I got from Pinterest.
The first is a tier I made from old plates and cups. The set of dishes are from a garage sale that I went to about 20 years ago. They are real china, but sad to say it was not a complete set and I never could find more pieces. I was going to send them to the thrift store but changed my mind and I love the result.
20130523-172448.jpg The stand holds all my twine, ribbon and lace, which I have wrapped around clothes pegs.
Next I want to share my glue gun stand. Kory made it for me this week and to everyone that doesn’t have one of these, make one! It is fabulous.20130523-172752.jpg
Kory also has made me some holders for my stamp ink. I have plenty of room left to buy more colours. He even added pegs for me to hold my sponge daubers( I just need to make more).
The last of the photos just shows the rest of my room. Hope you like it. You are welcome anytime to come craft with me ( you will even notice I have an air conditioner so it is summer friendly).

Bird house

I know you have seen the tea boxes and the tissue boxes I have been decorating, but since I have been on this roll doing decoupage, I decided to just keep going.
Last week, a friend gave me a little wooden bird house. I have seen them at the store. They come plain, just like the tea boxes, but I never gave it much thought to spruce them up. So now I have this plain wood bird house. I need to get my creative juices flowing, as usual I turn to Pinterest. Being inspired, I decide to give it a try.
After decoupaging and embellishing the first one, I had to run out and get more. (The first one is the little one in the front). I am loving these! It’s like decorating but way more fun!
I am not sure of the boys like that they haven’t seen me in days, or are getting concerned that my only time out of the house is when they drive me to get more craft supplies. Which reminds me, I need to head to the store tomorrow to buy more bird houses.


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